Friends of ONE Wake Recurring Donor Campaign

*Checks can be sent to ONE Wake, 4907 Garrett Rd, Durham, NC 27707
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The resources we need to win: 

ONE Wake’s goal is to raise $40,000 in one-time and recurring donations to support our goal to double production in 2024 and to build a fund sufficient to hire a new organizer to expand our work across the county.

ONE Wake is excited to announce that our parent network, the Metro Industrial Areas Foundation, has once again pledged to provide matching funds in support of our campaign. 

To qualify to be matched, donations must come from recurring commitments that will provide new or increased on-going support to ONE Wake. This match covers new or increased monthly gifts, doubling your investment!

Donor Testimonies


We support OneWake because they ask the right questions to those who are experiencing an issue first-hand, listen to the answers, don’t take on more than they can handle, partner effectively with like-minded individuals and organizations, and manage efficiently and cost-effectively. What they’ve been able to accomplish in bettering our community on issues that are near and dear to our hearts, such as affordable housing and mental health, is truly impressive. 

-Steve & Lynn McCulloch


We have been blessed to not have to worry about how to get to work, how we will pay our utility bills or where we can afford to live.  In Wake County we have many people that face these issues every day.  Individually no one hears their concerns, but with a larger organization like One Wake we can provide a platform for their voices to be heard and neighbors like us to stand behind them.  So, we donate to One Wake to provide a platform and resource for everyone's voice to be heard.

-Katie and Kurt Robinson


I support ONE WAKE 100% and when the opportunity was provided to make a recurring donation, it was a NO BRAINER!


my community and therefore, I support ONE WAKE!

- Vicki Hewitt-McNeil

What’s at stake:

In 2024 ONE Wake is committed to double our production from 2022/2023 by advancing six grassroots campaigns to address affordable housing, mental health, and public transportation concerns at the municipal and county wide level.

Our current campaigns include:

  • Winning compensation for 140+ low-income families living at the Chatham Estates mobile home park who are at risk of losing millions to relocation costs and lost equity due to the pending sale and redevelopment of their community.
  • Continuation of the Cary Housing Fund with at least $6 million in local funds.
  • Expansion of the SmartRide program that currently serves 13,000 rides to low-income residents in eastern Wake County on a budget of just $538,000.
  • Supporting an existing community-led campaign to pilot a $3 million alternate response unit in Raleigh to reduce the interactions between armed law enforcement and residents experiencing a mental health crisis.
  • Supporting existing efforts to create a permanent white flag / low barrier drop-in shelter for people experiencing homelessness.
  • Securing public land, subsidy, and regulatory approval to address the widespread displacement of Black and Latino residents by building affordable homeownership and rental housing at-scale across Wake County.


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